Parsing sites

Parsing sites and collecting data from the pages of online stores of any complexity


Desktop applications

Development of desktop applications to automate workflows, based on the needs of each client and the professional specification of its type of activity


Bypasses locks and bans

Finding the best solution to bypass locks and bans during site parsing


Our company develops innovative products in the field of information technology for internet business owners. We are ready to offer you ready-made and developed integrated solutions for the automation of your online store, as well as the entire IT market.


Forget about re-shipment of goods, irrelevant prices and data about the goods themselves and other problems faced by the owners of online stores. We use an individual approach to each client and always try to understand your point of view in order to achieve the most effective result and create a high-quality software product.

Bot development

We carry out the development of bots for any purpose and a variety of platforms, whether it be Telegram, VK or programs for working with exchanges.


Some popular sites have developed algorithms for the ban for repeated repetitions of the same type of requests, which serve to obtain …

Parsing / Data Collection / Scraping

The site parsing service is a sequential analysis of information (any txt, csv, excel, xml and database formats).

Parser OLX

You do not need to buy any additional proxy servers and remove a separate server, we will decide all of this for you.


During the work we have gathered an excellent database of our products, which were written for different tasks. It is possible to refine the ready-made software, to fit your needs. We test and test all our programs before release. Do not forget to get acquainted with our software.


Technologies – API – Exchanges we work with


We accelerate the analysis and data processing. Do not waste precious time – contact us.